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How autistic genius Stephen Wiltshire drew his amazing picture of London's skyline. We are a UK charity that works hard to make the dreams of children and young people aged suffering from serious and life-limiting conditions come true. At the moment we are working hard to raise the profile of the charity in the North of the country by trying to reach as many deserving children and young people as possible! Study: Early diagnosis could curb or stop autism symptoms. The Financial Conduct Authority have published an easy read guide on everyday banking, aimed at helping autistic consumers better understand financial services.

Ellie has Tourette's syndrome and Ben has autism.

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Both are desperate to find work and have super strengths that would benefit employers. Now they have the chance to prove it.

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  5. Sign up for our monthly newsletters that will update you on anything going on with us, any fun opportunities coming up, and any articles relating to the SEN community! Our workshops aim to help families navigate the system of support for children with special educational needs and disability SEND in schools and colleges. Gambado offers children with Autism and Special Educational Needs Disabilities the chance to play, learn, run free and explore in a fun, safe and stimulating environment, that they would usually find overwhelming. George the Poet says people who joke about autism are "ignorant".

    A LEIGH mum is bringing a new twist to cherishing a good book after launching a business dedicated to unusual art made from old volumes. Do you want to avoid trick-or-treat tantrums and meltdowns? Not everyone understands the challenges facing Autistic young trick or treaters and so we have created a small card that you can print and attach to their costumes in the hope of helping other people understand. You can download the pdf from here. Autistic boy invited friends to his birthday but no-one replied - what happened next was amazing.

    Mum Melissa only wanted a few people to cheer up her son Odin Camus - she had no idea just how big the response would be. Hesley Group recently launched their new online videos timed nicely to fit with their 40th Anniversary year. What happens to the dogs who are trained but don't quite make it as fully-fledged guide dogs?

    Gardening has the potential to empower those with autism, building their confidence to cope with the outside world. Researchers believe robots hold the key to early diagnosis, as well as teaching social skills. Here are some guidelines and ideas to help typical kids better understand their peers on the autism spectrum as well as for autistic kids to find understanding for themselves.

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    The lack of joyful expressions and eye contact can be among the earliest signs. As children get older and you expect them to become more social, the lack of language or social interaction can be red flags. An autistic teenager left devastated when he was thrown off a college course has been named Student of the Year by his new teachers. Would you like to take part in a study exploring differences in the language and communication skills of boys and girls on the autism spectrum?

    Over the past few years, technology has given educators and the parents of autistic children tools they could never have imagined before. To help your journey Manchester Airport have create terminal specific travel booklets for parents and carers with children on the Autistic Spectrum. All health and social care workers are to be given mandatory training on autism and learning disabilities after the death of a teenager. Mum's brilliant home education helped me thrive as an autistic student.

    I discovered I was born as someone with Aspergers Syndrome, at the age of 52 in So I am not what doctors call Neurotypical NT. If you are not Neurotypical, your brain is wired differently. This is my blog Planning a holiday can be exciting and stressful for everybody, but NAS have some great advice for anyone considering travelling with someone who is autistic. The National Autistic Society is excited to announce that we are launching a 3 year partnership with the Scouts in a project called A Million Hands. A TogetherGift helps you to join with friends and family and make a difference to the lives of people with autism.

    We are an independent body supporting UK police officers and staff who are affected by autism spectrum condition ASC , Asperger syndrome and other hidden conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and depression, either personally or as carers for family members. North Yorkshire County Council is stepping up its nationally applauded programme to help people with autism lead more fulfilling lives.

    Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness has spoken about the anger he felt after a stranger questioned why he had parked in a space reserved for the disabled. Substantial numbers of disabled people are still missing out on government support to..

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    The Power of Ownership explores the importance of possessions for people with autism and learning disabilities. A new study suggests that not only having pet dogs in the home, but also living with cats, rabbits and other animals as pets may help children with autism improve their social skills. From day one Clare knew that there was something different about her son. After four years of frustration and waiting lists he was finally diagnosed with autism and able to get the attention he needed.

    University College London are interested in how young people with SEN travel and learn about road safety. The sensory library is a resource where items can be borrowed and trialled at home before individuals and families look to purchase their own, his way people can judge which items suit their needs. Michael Coyne set up his own coffee shop because no one would hire him. Places are available to join this group.

    Its a small group for people with learning disabilities aged between 12 and 16 to build their confidence, listening, team working and planning skills whilst encouraging independence. If you think that your teenager may be autistic, or you have an autistic child and want to know what to expect when they become a young adult, Priory Group have outlined the symptoms that can appear as an autistic child becomes an adolescent.

    A writer describes how her year-old son seems to talk with Apple's digital assistant more easily than with her. Skiggle is a new online resource to aid people, of all ages, who come into contact with disabilities either in a personal or professional capacity. Research reveals thousands of British men have gone undiagnosed. Home Schooling advice for parents, including lesson plans and activities that work well for children with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum, tips for parents on educating their community on their childs needs and how to serve them best plus many more.

    Researchers are developing a project to explore social, environmental, and behavioural factors that may make young people with Special Educational Needs SEN vulnerable on the roads. We are embarking on a project at Thackray Medical Museum to make the museum more welcoming for people and families on the autistic spectrum and would like your help Joe Guthrie's life-long ambition to work in a bar has come true after turning An in-depth guide to help make travelling safer and easier for people with disabilities. Some truly inspirational stories. Stories that will touch the hearts of everyone.

    Mighty believe in the power of stories, the strength of communities and the beauty of the human spirit.


    Details of a free open session for autistic children and their families to enjoy the museum in a relaxed atmosphere. The Thing is a simple story poetically told by a loving mother of a 7 year old boy with High Functioning Aspergers. Written to fill the hole she had found in this very niche market.