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Siri all up in your face? Or do you prefer your own focus? But Siri is such an exception. Her being there makes me excited. Not just i racing.

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In training every day — her energy that she brings just makes you not hate it that much. I did need a pep-talk. But I talk to Siri right up to the start. PF : The more racing I did this year, the easier it got. All those things that you forget over a year or two, but now has become engraved in my mind again which makes me comfortable and less nervous. Now you can plan a lot more long term? That allows me to plan and think about the Olympics as a true possibility, whereas I had so many doubts that I would ever make it again on the WTS circuit.

Believing it and having a coach who believes it too and knows how to get you there.

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I definitely see more long term, not just to Rio, but even past that. Training with this group — Ellie [Salthouse] and I are the youngest ones. All the others do it as a career, and I never really saw triathlon like that. I saw it as something that I did because I was good at it. Is that a week by week or day by day thing as her coach? We started off really conservatively and Finny [Findlay] is the kind of athlete who when you ask to run a certain pace she will just do it — like that!

What I really wanted to see, just like Paula said, was Paula as a more robust athlete. So when we start to add the quicker top end stuff — the plan will be that her body will be able to withstand that and stay healthy throughout. With her I am pretty gnarly at keeping an eye on her.

An Injection of Positivity: Paula Findlay and Siri Lindley

So far so good. SL : Hahaha! Stop it.

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W: So with Siri have you learnt a lot more about yourself? Previously you said that the ball just kept rolling.

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But now are you learning what your limitations are physically, mentally, emotionally? SHE does it. I totally trust her. I do everything to a tee with her. The sport is evolving, my body is changing and the different training approach is good. SL : I kind of felt that we needed a full on fresh start. I believe so much in what I feel we needed to do to, number one, get her healthy ad keep her healthy, and number two, get her to not only back to where she was but a whole new level above that. SL : Yes!

We look forward. I have one more question for you both. Some athletes may not like that as much, but I really feed off it and love it. I really need it every day, especially coming out of the hole that I was in. It got me out of there and I love it so much! It sets her apart from other coaches. After 50, I think French gay men just disappear in a puff of smoke! While the two nations share much in common, as yet South Africa has no intention of changing the law. The Sofitel So pool party is the most desired pool party in Lindley.

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Offline dating is so late 90s. It would still be hazardous to predict that female violence will catch up with male violence, in accordance with a substantive shift in the power balance between men and women.

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