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More Info: Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Breyten Breytenbach se Katalekte more. Publication Name: Litnet Akademies Des Late Style and Afrikaans poetry. Kulturele oorplanting? NP van Wyk Louw and T. Eliot more. Afrikaans Language and Literature and Plagiaat? Modernist Literature Literary Modernism. The steady decline of the Afrikaans language as a central theme, through neglect by its speakers and "weeding" out of its libraries' Afrikaans books.

At heart, though, the novel is a lively and humorous detective tale, set in Durban, a cosmopolitan South African harbour city on the Indian Ocean. Introduction: Literary historiography, with specific reference to the problems of the South African context more. De nieuwe taalgids 68 2 : Cape Town: David Philip. Berkeley: University of California Press. Hollier, D.

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Cambridge: Massa-chusetts. South African Literature and Literary History. These subjects faced a distressing deferral of the master These subjects faced a distressing deferral of the master narrative of enlightened individualism, on a daily basis, in the real world Southern African Literatures more.

Literary History. Rotskuns as piktografiese rotstaal more. Rock Art. View on litnet. Orality-Literacy Studies and Oral Traditions. More Info: Abridged interview conducted with the poet in , in his office at the University of Western Cape. Van Wyk Louw se "Saltimbanque en vriendin" Tristia, opnuut gelees more. The prose work by Italo Calvino, Invisible cities is of special interest in the study of D.

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It is the central intertext in the volume, seeing that it is of determining importance for its structure. Comparative Literature and South African Literature. Publication Date: Publication Name: Literator. Literary studies. Lig op twee "duister" Tristia-verse more.

A tiny fragment of a seminal meeting between the protagonist, the A tiny fragment of a seminal meeting between the protagonist, the communist Georg Heisler, and a Jewish girl with one wounded eye, Elly Mettenheimer. The Afrikaans poet used this text fragment unacknowledged, except for the homophonic name and surname of the girl, which he changed to Ella Meissenheimer. As with Heidegger, Louw has been stigmatised in certain intellectual circles due to his earlier seemingly positive stance to National Socialism, in the early nineteen thirties.

Children play in the street, and at the end of the poem, a tram approaches It seems nothing happens. And yet…The essay considers a spectrum of various interpretations of this seminal modernist Dutch poem. Poetry and Dutch Literature. Experimental elegiac poetry with wide oscillation encompassing intertextual layers of amongst others the challenges of art history, the nature of literary criticism, philosophy, ecopoetics and the Anthropocene, and much more Experimental elegiac poetry with wide oscillation encompassing intertextual layers of amongst others the challenges of art history, the nature of literary criticism, philosophy, ecopoetics and the Anthropocene, and much more.

Challenges ways of "looking and seeing" John Berger , the status quo of reading the tenets of present literary criticism and theory as effete, extinguished, as over-intellectualised and self-aggrandizing, self-centred , and much more. The twin publications offer collages of minor Dutch painters Adriaen Coorte and Jan Mankes, but self-effaces the role of the poet no poems present in content tables, merely a list of paintings offered, sans page numbers by focusing on how paintings are "read" or 'how the eye perceives'.

The central question raised by the dual publications, as in the review essay, are "how do we see, how do we read"?. Possible answers are suggested by Jean-Pierre Nancy and Nathaniel Stern , in the role of "affect" of the emotions the "greeting" and recognizing, rather than the evil of "refusing", also in literary criticism , asking what they "do" their affect in the world, comment on the world , rather than what they "mean".

In this sense these two small books are revolutionary. Johan Myburg — Uittogboek. Joan Hambidge - Indeks more. It features an extended trip to Chili in the tracks of Pablo Neruda.

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  6. Central motifs: travel, the poetry of Neruda and Lorca, meta poetry. View on versindaba. Dit is 'n fiktiewe Dit is 'n fiktiewe bundel as aanhegsel, Oorblyfsel , wat nooit verskyn het nie, maar wat kennelik gedien het as voorstudie tot Die na-dood. Hierin staan die volgende kras gedig: die skryfdaad ek kak in my hand hierdie land ryk en warm gee ek vir jou was ek al ooit meer groothartig?

    Ook relevant is die opmerkings verder aan in Oorblyfsel: "Alles is gemessel vir vergeteling in die onderwete. Ook van belang is die omslag-titel by die laaste bundel, "want die lewe is absurd". Dit maak die leser bedag daarop dat die skryfsels in Die na-dood as doel 'n grap het, 'n absurditeit, 'n opstuur van iemand of iets. Want die werklikheid oorweldig enige "sing" in gedigte. Daarom is sy belangrikste materiaal klip. Die inhoud en betekenis ontglip hom, die beeldende vormgewing is sinledig, oordonder deur sinnelose daaglikse geweld.

    Dis "weggooiwoorde". Samehang en sin ontbreek in die katastrofiese beloop van die globale geskiedenis.

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    Dit maak dus ook nie saak of hy nog gedigte skryf nie. Prosa of vers, dis om't ewe. More Info: Voor verpligte verkorting weens beperkte plek na woorde. Such dismissal. Versions, with Commentary. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press. Brink se Duiwelskloof more.

    Maart - April more. Mei - Februarie Review of Louise Viljoen's monograph on Breyten Breytenbach more. More Info: Litnet litnet. More Info: in print Litnet review essay. Publication Date: Sep 1, Witsig - Cornelius van der Merwe - resensie more. More Info: Die Burger 6 Augustus Verweerskrif - Antjie Krog - resensie more. More Info: Beeld 17 April 9.

    Resensie-essay: Buller se plan van Ingrid Winterbach more.

    Struggles in Southern Africa for Survival and Equality

    Resensie - Breyten Breytenbach. Die ongedanste dans bloemlesing 5 vols. Die Burger 29 Des more. Unpublished papers. The origin of these stellar myths, and the establishment of SKA SA are clearly linked: here the sky is clear, and visibility at night endless These old African creation myths emanate from times of yore, when science did not yet exist, and attempt to explain the origin of these two bright stars at a time when people, stellar bodies and animals were exchangable, through transmogrification or metamorphosis.

    They form part of South African cultural heritage.